Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Okay, I've got 2 minutes of storyboarding done! It's a rough time estimate, as I'll tweak all the timing when it's done, but it's giving me a good sense of flow. As frustrating as it is to try to draw it all out (I want to build everything instead!) it's been good for thinking more about camera angles, length of shots, etc.
Attached is one of the frames - as you can see, very very simple drawing style - the cat's sneaking back out of a cupboard after getting stuck inside, as seen through a Polaroid camera. We've actually got one kicking around, so I might try and see if I can take pictures with my DSLR through the Polaroid view finder for the shots - if not I'll fudge a frame for it.


Michael LeTendre said...

Congrats Emily! I'm starting to think I should start a storyboard too. I was just gonna rely on my mind and spontaneity but am thinking it'll also be nice having some kind of structure planned so things run smoothly. It'll also help me realize which parts need more attention.

Thanks for the inspiration :)

Melvyn Erville said...

It also helps you plan out all the stuff your gonna need to build and "How am I gonna do that?"....This is gonna be cool I like the angle..m_e

jriggity said...

good job! its a really important part of a production...especially in stop mo.

it can cut down the ammount of work you might have to do if you know what angles your shooting at.

and you can pre plan for some of the challenges ahead.


emmyymme said...

Thanks! I was pretty skeptical at first but am really getting into it now - even redoing some earlier shots with more interesting camera angles - and it lets me plan gags further ahead which I'm loving!