Sunday, July 17, 2011 | Manitoba Scene | Brain Cravers: The Curse of Extollo | Manitoba Scene | Brain Cravers: The Curse of Extollo

5 star review - sharing my 100th blog post to celebrate the great news!
Congrats to everyone involved, it's an amazing event I'm thrilled to be a part of!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Brain Cravers!

Zombies have overrun the Winnipeg Fringe Festival!

World-famous director Vanguard Braun unveils his riveting new play Extollo. As this gripping futuristic drama unfolds, a terrifying deadly curse is unleashed on the Winnipeg Fringe. You're dying to see it … but will you survive?

Warning! Deadly zombie curse in effect. Symptoms include ravenous craving for brains, rapid bodily decay, zombification and death. Attend at your own risk.

I recently was given the opportunity to do the makeup/special FX for a live theatre show created by the incredibly talented Scott Cranwill & Kevin Doherty (Magic Toaster Productions and Soapscum) I was all jitters opening night but it was a blast - anyone in Winnipeg should come check it out this week - it's got it all!
(literally has it all... warnings for subject matter, language, gunshots, strobe lights, cannibalism... don't bring little kids but it's an amazing time!)