Monday, October 20, 2008

NSI Online film festival - online now!

Wahoo! So the NSI film festival I got into is showing Judder now, as well as hosting my de-mysteriousness online (producer pic required) as well as having an audio interview - you get to hear me say 'um' quite a bit, good times :P But if you want to check it out the link is:
EDIT - apparently it's only available in Canada, one of the geographical blockers! But the interview's still accessible if anyone's interested.

Just finished basic scriptwriting for the whole story, need to start doing more storyboards now - I'm also going to start taking more photographs of just anything in and out of the house - start establishing the graphic feel I want for the film - should be fun to be able to bump the camera after a shot and not worry :P


Melvyn Erville said...

Great interview, I really love the concept for this film...sometimes I think I'm being "shot on two's" or maybe even fours, but I like the way the medium is also a metaphor itself...way to take it to another level!

Edwound Wisent said...

(^ frickin' blockers. there was this whole uncut bedazzled film I tried to hand off to theclayman in canada, and ran into that same blocker in reverse. (^ I guess seeing what I can will have to do.

(^ sure glad I have judder on my hard drive!

emmyymme said...

Thanks Melvyn and Prosser! It's cool to have the interview up, even if the film is blocked, since most of the SMA crowd has seen it already - if not it's still up on youtube.

Liz Hover said...

We’ve had to confine viewing of our film festival to Canada because we’re a non-profit training school and bandwidth is expensive. You'll notice some of our industry centre video interviews are on YouTube - this is to help keep down the cost of bandwidth by hosting our video elsewhere. The National Screen Institute pays a third party to stream video for our film festival only.

Edwound Wisent said...

(^ note to/for liz:
(^ please don't misunderstand my costic way of typing.
(^ I fully understand the needs to have global quadrant blocks:
(^ I just like making fun of it is all.
(^ glad the Canadians are getting to see some of emily's work is all.
(^ I'm sure the rest of the world will , soon enough.

(^ the interview is crucial tho.
(^ I having been in so many frame rate circles over the past 20some years, bfound judder to be a grand poke at folk not comprehending the delema of shooting back and forth between "triples" at 30fps, "doubles" at 24fps, let alone highspeed strobe shots for scientific slowmo shots at 170fps to study the beat of hummingbird wings and bullets shot through apples: or 1 frame a minute to watch plants grow.

(^ filtering how eWE see is as old
(and odd) as filtering what USewe hear.
(^we ALL live on different borrowed framerates and slightly different htz.

(^ those with children must add extra 45 minutes to all get up and go endeavors: and those bound in wheelchairs even longer.

(^ glad to actually hear emily's voice.

emmyymme said...

Hi Liz,

I keep getting surprised anyone finds this page - but in case you stop by again - I really do appreciate the chance of being in the festival, and wish it the best!

Pram said...

The way I see it, you told it like it is. Nothing is wrong with that. People appreciate honesty.

An edit of the post and a quick apology to the festival organizers should suffice. They may be a big company, but the people who work there are not robots- humanity always gets through, no matter how professional they are.

Edwound Wisent said...

(^ perhaps I'm slow, but what on earth there need be appypollylogies for?
(^ moreover: blog edits make it seem there be something to be ashamed ABOUT!
(^ (^ the only shame I see is the expense the non profit is being charged for bandwidth.

(^ word spreads fast . .
(^ make use of it..
(^ humans sometimes need be trained to be humane.

(^ and some revolt despite it all.
(^ :shrugs:. bracket to bizbuzz: