Monday, April 19, 2010

Rig Removal

Editing has begun! I've finished 10 of the 35 shots that need some form of editing - the majority of it is deflicker (pale walls really catch the light!) and some rig removal and 2D effects added in. It's going pretty quickly so far.

I'm posting a video on editing a rig out of one shot - normally I'd take a blank frame at the beginning or end of the animation, line it up, then erase out the rig revealing the normal background behind. But this shot had tiny amounts of camera shift and a little flicker, which is a real hassle when the background's blurry. So I created a half frame then did a loose rotoscope of Henry to make it match. (If I'd roto'd out the rig it would cause an outline showing the difference, but since Henry is moving, any slight changes aren't as visible)

So we've got the original file, the roto'd layer, and the final composite.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Finished Filming!

Filming has officially wrapped! I've been shooting like crazy the last few weeks and finished the last shot tonight - bringing the film length to just over 8 min (before end credits)

I'd love to say it's a breather to have finished filming, but I have 2 weeks left for alot of editing and effects before it has to be all wrapped up. Still, I'm excited!

I'm going to photograph all the props and get a website up and running with a demo reel (try to get myself out there a bit) The reel should include a few scenes from this piece I haven't posted which is going to be fun - looking forward to sharing them.