Friday, October 31, 2008


He gets up from his chair and sits down nearer the music box.
He slowly gets up from his chair and drags it closer to the music box.
He jumps up, excited, and leaps over to the music box.
He grumbles as he stumbles to the music box.
He tiptoes quietly to the nearby music box.
He shuffles listlessly to the seemingly distant music box.
He mumbles as he makes his way to the music box.
He sighs and drags himself over to the music box.
He gently maneuvers to the music box.
He dances towards the music box.
He leans towards the music box.

This is why I'm really enjoying storyboarding - it's realizing all these options for each movement - noone simply gets up and does something - they do it with a style!

Side note - has anyone tried wooden armatures? I'm going to try making one, if only for the learning experience, but hopefully to work with ;)


Melvyn Erville said...

With a leisurely gait he is sauntering to the music box, which he trips over smashing it into pieces that he then proceeds to make into armatures?

Sven Bonnichsen said...

My understanding is that in the early days of Czech puppetfilms, wooden armatures were common... But they tend to wear down over time; so at this point, the Trnka studio uses metal armatures.

However, I do recall that Trevor Elliot used a wooden armature for his StopMoShorts haiku submission "Zigga-rat" a few years ago. He posted photos here:

emmyymme said...

lol M.E. - if he didn't have his armature yet, no wonder he tripped!
Sven - thanks for the link! I've bookmarked it and will study them - it's only needed for a 4 min animation so I'm not too worried about wearing out - I'd like to experiment with joints for knees instead of wire and I trust my woodworking abilities much more. Probably a wood/wire combo like the pics in the link.

Shelley Noble said...

Hands down, the best wooden armature I've seen: Andrew Brown's in Canada

check it!

His rad blog:

emmyymme said...

Oh wow, beautiful design - thanks Shelley! Although it's intimidating looking through his blog - it looks like he's doing a piece about a painter in a studio as well - and he raises the bar for visuals!

Edwound Wisent said...

(^ cat with no armature: just watch it, EmBa..

(^ listen to it as well.
(^ not related perse but has some interesting qualites to it I'd love you to dress down to stop motion level.

specking word verification:
eyent = event eyelet Yentl eyeful eyelid

(^ *wink*/blINK\^)

Michael LeTendre said...

Nice video Prosser!
Here's another cat with no armature but done in stop motion.

...maybe it does have an armature but the wires are too thick to move the legs. Or the animator just got lazy when it came time to animate.

emmyymme said...

hehe awesome links Prosser and Michael - thanks!