Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Henry - stills

I reached 6:05 tonight. I think, with the long weekend, and if I don't take any days off and get home straight from work, etc - that I can finish filming a week Sunday. So close! Then get the final time-locked piece to audio - amazingly fortunate to have Brett McCoy and Don Carlson working on the audio. (Brett did a beautiful job on "Judder"!) while I spend the last 3 weeks deflickering, effects, etc. Crazy to think that in a month a piece I've spent the last year on will be wrapped up.

A few new stills - I kept them high-rez - that silicone picks up texture so well, I love how it catches the light.

As much as I wanted a more articulated face, I'm finding the limitations really push me to figure out the body language instead which helps me think in terms of his mental/emotional state for the shot - hopefully some of that will come through!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Moving Along!


Just completed some easier shots in a row which brings the film length to 5:11! 23 shots left to go, with a crazy filming/editing/finishing schedule to end at the end of April. Who needs sleep!

Originally I'd wanted to do the facial animation with the puppet itself, but size and time conspired against me, so I'm using TVPaint for blinks/eyes scrunched shut. Here's the original image, editing, and composite. (Great way to improve painting skills!)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Newest Additions

Now sitting at 4:30! Animating like crazy, 3 shots left until I enter the final chapter of the film. Still alot of editing to do though.

Keeping some of the later parts of the film quiet for now so instead I'll share our newest addition: Oliver. A 5 month old lab-shepherd cross from a rescue shelter. Such a cutie!

Nap time:
Loves attention:
Winston and Timberay playing outside:
Winston and Oliver waiting for treats:
Making faces: