Monday, July 20, 2009


After many discarded castings figuring out how to get the armature to register properly in those little fingers, I have finished my first arm! Aluminum wire armature wrapped in thread, silicone arm and paints.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Henry has an arm! Still needs to be trimmed, and now that I'm more confident with painting inside the mold I might write this one off as a test. But I love this stuff! It's got this great feel to it and can do a complete fold at the elbow without any problem or distortion at all. I ran out of time with the armature so I'm chalking the wooden experiments up to experience, and am going with wire wrapped in thread.

It's been a whole month since I last posted which is a bit scary! In the time during I lost a week to some sort of cold/flu, but have been making progress... The main newness is a new scroll saw! New to me - bought it from someone who bought it used 40 years ago. So it's got a history of lasting! This is Henry's giant art unit - the two side pieces will hinge open revealing all the shelves stuffed with paper and tubes of paint.Some more scroll-saw fun - a mail-desk (still needs full length legs) and a little dresser, awaiting knobs.
This was made for me - Henry's bedframe! Instead of a mattress he'll have a quilt tied to the posts like a hammock. The quilt pieces are painted up and ready to sew.
Henry's skull - he has a removable armature wire lower jaw. The holes were originally for small wires to manipulate the mouth but it's so small I'll probably keep it very simple and push it a bit further in TVPaint afterwards.

Some paint bottles for that big unit - I made some out of Sculpey, cast them in DragonSkin, and have been making plaster copies - 50 so far. After casting in Silicone I can't think of anything else I prefer! It's amazing stuff for making molds.