Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Set progress and updates...

The set is up! Though it'll need some structural reinforcements - had to bring it in before it was ready to avoid a series of rain-storms lately, soon as we get a nice few days it'll be fixed up. This is the flooring so far; the wood is from a bamboo rug from JYSK that's been sanded down, cut to size and stained (rest to be stained tomorrow). The set is 5' across and has one extra room at the back still to be added on.
1 lb of Sculpey to make this tile piece!
Mostly out of focus, but along the lines of some of the shots in terms of perspective to the set.
Henry now has hands!! Which is good since...
He also has gloves. Just set on top since the clay is still quite squishy, will be able to put it on properly once the silicone version is cast.
His other glove (mis-matched) is also quite worn out - the fraying is knitted in by dropping and adding stitches. Can't sew this one shut until it's right on the hand with all those loopy bits.
And his first painting - there will be visible cross-hairs over it as it hangs in replacement of a window.
Some lightbulbs - still need to make the boxes for them. These will all be burnt-out ones (42 in total) and will be airbrushed greyer.
The gray on the floors is just some slip, I'll wipe it back until I get the levels right. Pretty behind schedule, but it's slowly coming together!