Thursday, September 30, 2010

New Reel

I just finished putting together my 2010 demo reel:

Up next - Imp puppet! The head is sculpted and the body will soon follow - the temptation is to try casting silicone into a silicone mold! A little risky if the release doesn't work but would love to try silicone molds.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Long time no Post!

Been keeping busy! I have some a new puppet (photo soon, just seaming some edges) and while Soma Foama is tricky to work with (very fast cure time) the lightness and feel of the puppet is amazing - so soft and flexible.

Which is great.... as I have my first puppet & animation commission! It's for an independent film and will be a small devilish imp - will be my first character with wings and I can't wait! It might even be shot on film which I've always wanted to try - though if I use a webcam as live assist I can still get away with using Dragon ;)

I've been also practicing on the scroll saw, and made a few geeky puzzles:

Zombie bookmarks:
And a puzzle from a photograph of my friends son.
A fun way to make things and get much better for cutting new props!

Animation relevant photos coming soon!