Monday, May 23, 2011

NW Animation Festival & New sculpt

'Light' got into the Northwest Animation Festival!

I'm thrilled to be included with such amazing films and wish I could be there!

My partner designed the creature in the balcony (for the ballet animation) so I've been working on the sculpt. Above are the sculpt, and what the character will look like finished. It sits in the balcony and controls the world on the stage. Dave Hettmer is making the armature and I can't wait too see how it looks finished!

I'm also doing fx/makeup for a stage production this summer - will post pics when I get some - it's a zombie stage show which should be amazing!

I'm finally hitting the stage of the animation where pre-production is finally having things to show for it so updates should be more timely - excited to be animating again :)

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jriggity said...

Cool.....Hey I got to watch your film at the fest....Very well done!

and great to see on the BIG screen!!