Saturday, July 16, 2011

Brain Cravers!

Zombies have overrun the Winnipeg Fringe Festival!

World-famous director Vanguard Braun unveils his riveting new play Extollo. As this gripping futuristic drama unfolds, a terrifying deadly curse is unleashed on the Winnipeg Fringe. You're dying to see it … but will you survive?

Warning! Deadly zombie curse in effect. Symptoms include ravenous craving for brains, rapid bodily decay, zombification and death. Attend at your own risk.

I recently was given the opportunity to do the makeup/special FX for a live theatre show created by the incredibly talented Scott Cranwill & Kevin Doherty (Magic Toaster Productions and Soapscum) I was all jitters opening night but it was a blast - anyone in Winnipeg should come check it out this week - it's got it all!
(literally has it all... warnings for subject matter, language, gunshots, strobe lights, cannibalism... don't bring little kids but it's an amazing time!)


jriggity said...

sounds super fun!

wish i could see it.


StopmoNick said...

Having WAY too much fun there in Winnipeg - stop it and start animating! :D