Sunday, March 14, 2010

Newest Additions

Now sitting at 4:30! Animating like crazy, 3 shots left until I enter the final chapter of the film. Still alot of editing to do though.

Keeping some of the later parts of the film quiet for now so instead I'll share our newest addition: Oliver. A 5 month old lab-shepherd cross from a rescue shelter. Such a cutie!

Nap time:
Loves attention:
Winston and Timberay playing outside:
Winston and Oliver waiting for treats:
Making faces:


Shelley Noble said...

What completely sweet puppies! Aren't dogs the best!?

people in gorillasuits said...

three minutes and counting... Congratulations !

A good week starts with good news. And the dogs are really adorable.

All the best for the final chapter of animation; I knew someone burning with curiosity ;)

Aravind.J said...

wow!! one more dog! it's always nice to have them around.. i miss my dog! he likes to spend time sitting next to me when I work late hours..

jriggity said...


your CRUISING!!.....i CANT KEEP UP....ha

and yeah...them doggies is cute!