Monday, March 22, 2010

Moving Along!


Just completed some easier shots in a row which brings the film length to 5:11! 23 shots left to go, with a crazy filming/editing/finishing schedule to end at the end of April. Who needs sleep!

Originally I'd wanted to do the facial animation with the puppet itself, but size and time conspired against me, so I'm using TVPaint for blinks/eyes scrunched shut. Here's the original image, editing, and composite. (Great way to improve painting skills!)


Shelley Noble said...

Fantastic painterly look, Emmy! I'm so going to copy you in this method!

people in gorillasuits said...

impressing as always ;)

I guess the hardest part were the eye lashes - and the wrinkels are really well done !

One of my tutors in my only retouching workshop said "every wrinkle got it's story - and that should be the way when you let them disappear (or deepen them)". Maybe this is somehow helpfully for you.

By the way - I will also do blinks etc. in my short film (education/training ends in April, so then there will be more time for me) - will this become a new trend ? Digitally enhancing images ?!

Tweet Chirp Tweet Tweet - sorry, couldn't resist. But yes - it looks great !

And congratulations to making the more-than-five-minutes mark ! Really impressing !!!

And all the best for the last shots. It will be awsome. Cherrs. Michael

Rich Johnson. said...

tv paint is a great way to go in a crunch. Saved my bacon many times. looks great , I really like what you've done with it.

JON said...

Hey, I'm Jon, found your blog some time ago, very impressive...

Very artful technique, blends seamlessly. I think I'll try some experiments with this. Well done!

Dan Metalmadcat said...

m_) good good gooooood~!

keep movin'


rod said...

Awesome - Are you on Youtube ? I'd like to see more.
I'm in Canada too ! I'd like to do this for a living.

Andrew said...

You got more filmed than I do now. Got get back at it (lazy I is).

emmyymme said...

Thanks for the support! Shelley - can't wait to see what you do with it.
Michael - that's a great attitude towards wrinkles, I'll keep it in mind! Strangely the eyelashes are easier (I'd be lost without my gaussian blur though to touch it off)
Rich - cool to see another TVPaint user :)
Jon - awesome blog! Your latex work is so seamless, will be following.
Thanks Dan - it's getting there!
Rod - I'm emmyymme82 on youtube. Are you on there as well?
Andrew - your set totally inspired me, I can't wait to see your piece finished!

jriggity said...

its so cool how in our medium this is an option!

It looks great!