Monday, August 4, 2008

Clear Resin Casting

I need some clear resin objects for my new animation, so I did my first experiments with resin today - wow does it stink! I'm going to be working in tiny portions for each cast and the bottle measures in ounces, so I borrowed a scale and did some translations - 1 ounce of resin equals 41ml (based on an eyedropper) so, for the casts I'll be doing, 2 1/2 ml will use 1 drop of catalyst.

Since I had to mix a full ounce today for converting the weight to ml I did a test pour in a discarded mold I'd made - the final object will be made out of a better mold of the same object, but with a little twist - hopefully pull off an idea I had in sculpture class a few years ago. I've completed a 2 part latex mold today (using mold-builder, much better than the rubber latex I've been working with until now!) and need to build an exterior 4 piece plaster mold before I can start casting.


Woolly Monster said...

Got your gift today. Thankyou so much, it is beautiful!

I've never used casting resin, but I've got a load of it I bought last year for a project then never used. I might have an experiment, see what weird and wonderful props I can make.

bRYEnd_of_the_schtick said...

(^ warning: it STINKS for a reason.
(^ you use thart stuff outside in well ventilated area nowhere near your dog and try not to inhale nor TOUCH the stuff! fastcast is less toxic than clear: I know the stuff very well.
(^ why do you think I've got brain dammage? yeash!

(^ EM. if you MUST play with resins: get a large industrial strength thing like GOOP or orange clean to wash up with.
(^ the stuf is sticky and will flow right into your bloodstream ok? PLEASE be carefull! you may as well be dipping your hands in bestine.

emmyymme said...

Hey Prosser,
You're preaching to the choir - I've very sensitive to fumes and have an epi-pen after a scare awhile ago, so working with resin was next to an open window, next to a giant fan, and with latex gloves on! I'm careful with that stuff, and I have a special high shelf for it far far away from the pups!

jriggity said...

Very cooL!

I am about to emabark on my own resin casting adventure very soon.


Pram said...

Clear resin is cool stuff- the raindrops in Hamilton Mattress were made out of it.