Thursday, July 24, 2008

New Books!

Yay! Stop-motion birthday's are the best - I now have Susannah Shaw's 'Stop Motion: Craft Skills for Model Animation', Barry Purves' 'Passion, Process and Performance', and 'Filming the Fantastic: A Guide to Visual Effects Cinematography' to keep me entertained! Great timing, I've got a few new big projects I really need to get going.

(Also now have 'Alien Apocalypse' too, but looks like I'll have to ebay 'Beyond Re-Animator')


Oscar Solis said...


Came across your blog while reading your post on I'll be following it to see the progress on your project. I like what I've seen so far.

Glad to see you picked up a copy of "Filming the Fantastic". It's a great read and I'm using it as a guide myself for the project I'm working on.

jriggity said...

ahh.....wonderfull list of fun reading!


Darkstrider said...

Beyond ReAnimator... complete Uggfest!!! Nothing at all like the classic movies! Prepare to be disappointed! Then it might not hurt so much.

emmyymme said...

That's a shame! The first two are very classic and I'm a big Combs fan - I can only imagine what 'House of Reanimator' would be like if it ever got made!

Edwound Wisent said...

(^ speakin' uh books..
(^ you need postage to get that next out to snapdragon?
(^ I think his will never get sent to me unless wooly's in banging him in the headers.
(^ oops! dan bern just called. gots to git.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha, you freakin' nerd, with all those books... Wait a second, I have the same ones... Uh, as you were.

Hey, you should get on MSN, I would love to talk shop with ya about 1's and holds-great fun. Picked up a few tips, too.

Woolly Monster said...

Happy Birthday Emily!
(yeah, I'm a bit late)

Haha, some of those books are on my birthday present list too...

emmyymme said...

Pram - watch out - i'm reading the same books you are - i'm gonna know what you're gonna say before you say it now!

Ceri - the books are great so far! Though I actually got two copies of one of them - mom and boyfriend each got one :)