Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Judder on YouTube

I finally put Judder up on youtube... sort of. I'm still hoping to get into a few festivals, which rules out putting it up easily, but if you want to see it just add me as a friend or contact and I'll add to the private viewing list - my ID on there is emmyymme82 (I'm soo original with those huh...) A bit of a hassle but the bouncy balls are much better in this one, I promise! There's even added motion blur at Prosser's suggestion.


Edwound Wisent said...

(^realize this:

(^ the ways of film festivals hath CHANGED.

(^ they COST you to enter.
(^ and actually get less attention (therefore less self advertising) than posting to the electronic media society at large.

(^ pop me up a good solid copy where I can point fingers at you when whispering wacky side comment jockulars to old animation pros turned art directors.

jriggity said...

cool man!

cant wait to watch it.