Thursday, September 11, 2008

new pictures

Okay, so I've got a few new (and a few older) pictures to post - sadly none to do strictly with animation! I've been really slow to get work done lately - in part from migraines I was getting nightly. I was having to keep my computer dimmed as much as possible, keep everything quiet - the bathroom fan made me feel like screaming! But my bf helped figure out that I was getting them when I was working in low-light settings - so I've been making an effort to make sure I'm using a lamp with all my detail work now - and no headaches yet. Something I really should be doing anyway.
The mural is done, took 7 hours of kneeling on hardwood floors, ouch! But they love it so it's all good.
The first pic's above are of a character -I'm calling her emmyymme - the image has been kicking around for awhile now, it was originally fleshed out for an animation pitch that didn't end up being accepted, but she's becoming a recurring motif in my current/future projects - I bugged Mike Brent (Strider) alot for help/crits, so thankyou!

Next up is a sculpt with the first coat of latex on - the one used for the resin cast a few posts ago. I didn't realize how much the latex dries out the Sculpey, and will need to recondition it - but I now have a snazzy mold and plan to make the final product soon.

And these last two are my newest sculpts for some dolls I'm making - attempting to get into a juried craft show. She's Sculpey (Super mixed with black Premo) and will be plaster cast and made with Sculpey with fabric bodies. I found the amazing trick of using water with Sculpey! I'm guessing it's just a friction thing since the clay is oil based, but it lets it get much smoother without the problems of using alcohol - also allowed for all the hair detailing without using plastic wrap or getting burrs. There'll be 5 dolls total - starting the second one tonight, hopefully have pics soon.


Melvyn Erville said...

Great sculpts, you know what yer doing..whats that about water? Are you using it to smooth with a paint brush instead of alcahol? I have to work with sculpy soon and can use all the tips I can get. Sorry to hear about the migraines, hope they go away.. unfotunately most artists I know, including me, suffer this...i wonder why...Love to see pics of the mural...

Pram said...

You would fit right in at Bent. Very similar style of puppets, I love it!

emmyymme said...

You can smooth the sculpey with a brush after carving - I'll probably still use alcohol, but the alcohol (from what I've read) is a last-step option, changes the surface - the water can be used at any stage. I was dipping my metal tools into a jar of water and using them to sculpt - it allows the clay to move easier without tearing, but doesn't change the clay at all.

Edwound Wisent said...

(^ wax solvent works better than straight isopropol.
(6 toxic toxic toxic tho.
(^ might get it from a denturist supply place.
(^ as to the migraines.
(^ welcome to why lio black (as in using black instead of white background on web pages) helps.

jriggity said...

excellent work here!