Thursday, September 25, 2008

My first lipsync

My first lipsync is finished! Here's the puppet I used -

I went with a marionette style mouth, with replacement mouths. I decided to blend the lines in TVPaint afterwards, as it seemed the most efficient way to go - both pieces of the head are baked and I didn't want to start getting plasticine crumbs on her sweater. Here's the video of her talking:

I also finished another 15 sec of a puppet doing exercises (pushups and stepping in place) but sadly the small versions are on my laptop, which I am now without for the next week or two. On the upside I've only got 6 days to finish off 3 more sculpts, 10 castings, and alot of sewing for another project so no laptop is probably a good thing!!


Melvyn Erville said...

Wow that really looks great! I think its gonna work good, and keep the costumes cleen...Clay dirties up everything...Great acting too!

jriggity said...

nicely done Emmyyme!!

very cool to see this method...I would like to try it in one of my next tests.

what is this program and how des it blend the seams of the mouth?


emmyymme said...

Thanks Melvyn! I'm finding it alot easier since I don't have to worry about clay all over the set.
Thanks Justin - I used TVPaint - I should get my laptop back from repairs Monday so I'll post a few screengrabs of how to do it!

Don said...

That looks REALLY GREAT. I didn't realize how you were doing the lip sync. I thought it was sculpted every frame. Very nice.

Hermanos Encinas said...

Good Animation! Looks great