Sunday, October 24, 2010

New Projects!

I've been sculpting away at the Imp, as well as a new character for a new animation. Currently untitled, it's going to be a lot of fun to work on.
It's an idea I've wanted to make for years. An old discarded puppet/creature sits in an attic, locked into place and staring at this painting (heavy Van Gogh influence in the painting). In his mind the character comes to life, and it evolves into a power struggle between the two. I've never thought of a way to do it before - it involved massive sets and props. So - I've decided to do it as a stage production (in stop mo). The lead puppet (sculpt below) and characters dressed in black puppeteering the main elements. It lets me tell a bigger story without needing a big team to do it. And I can focus on movement!

Here's the preliminary sculpts of the Imp (waiting to hear back from the director before continuing on). He'll have little wings which'll be really fun to animate. There'll be two but since it's greenscreened we'll film one, mod him up a bit, then film as the second one.

He's a little too friendly in these pics, need to devil him up a little bit!


Shelley Noble said...

Wha? huh? Me no understand your (great sounding) film plan but I sure look forward to watching you make it!

'-' mycael said...

the little imp looks friendly - but I wouldn't turn my back on him for too long too... the smile is quite friendly - I guess if it was a bit exaggerated the hint of hidden evilness... but who am I adivsing here... foolish little me. I am quite curious abou the wings. On of my favourite devils in stop-motion animation was always the one in "The Devil went down to Georgia" video (

And I really like the girl with the umbrella in the painting - and your colour palette.

All the best for the future animation progress... you rock, emmyymme

jriggity said...

awesome sculpts!


Marc H said...

I think in comparison to the lead puppet's sculpt, the imp looks a little bit bland and crude. I think it could really do with a more original design (I don't mean to be bashing your work or anything but I just think you could push a bit to do it better). The lead character's sculpt and the idea for the film are really spectacular, though. Bring the whole thing into a stage performance is a pretty great idea.

Rich Johnson. said...

great looking sculpts!

StopmoNick said...

Is the girl with an umbrella you use as an avatar the character we see in that painting? Love the painting!

I like the bust of the girl, but I'm afraid the imp doesn't come up as well - I pretty much agree with Marc H. Especially after the original looking old man puppet in your last film - I know you can do it better. Looking forward to the next update!

Terrymation said...


I agree with the friendly bit. Maybe some nasty, bushy eyebrows will do.