Saturday, December 19, 2009

Neil Gaiman in Winnipeg!

Whoot! I took an evening off Tuesday to go to the Neil Gaiman signing/reading at the mall. They'd won a contest based on a Halloween party, and you'd never realize how popular he is until you walk into a mall with a line already snaking through it!

My friend Vanessa and I went, go there around 4:30, checked our coats in the mall and got in line. At 5 they let us into the store (closed ahead of time to set up) and found a spot. I brought my Coraline Box, and bought a copy of 'The Graveyard Book'. Very crowded - he signed for 869 people -- this is on a day that meant facing -40 temperatures just to get there!

Around 6pm he came out, talked about the contest and the round setup of the area (he rotated periodically), did a reading from 'Odd and the Frost Giants' and answered some fan questions. Very entertaining all around! Then, the signing line started. Wow. We were divided into 7 quadrants (not sure how that math works!) and given numbers. Everyone under 12 went first, which is good since the signing went until 1:30am. We were section 3, and the mall had closed by the time we got into line. Probably 2 hours standing, following a winding path through the store. Great advertising - we spent quite awhile looking at those shelves! Aside from the standing (and lack of foresight to bring food!) it really was fun - we had some great conversations with the people around us. Like minded people make for great fun, especially when the tired-hungry-sleep-deprviation humour starts kicking in!

Getting the box signed was really cool - he asked what my site was, and if I'd played with the arms at all (I have!) and thanked me for promoting the movie. Overall super cool! Got home around 12:30 - my friend and I both staggered through work the next day, but was well worth it!


Shelley Noble said...

Great story, sounds like a great day! wow!

Mike Letendre said...

Neil Gaiman - wowzers! What are the 0dds with yer box and all...glad you got to finally meet him! :)

Vanessa said...

Yes it was a great time. Thanks for going with me. I hope I didn't embarrass you too much!


emmyymme said...

Heh Vanessa - you made it so much fun! I never would've talked to those people otherwise, it was a blast - definitely need to go to ComicCon together next year!

Rablings of the Rabid said...

Well hello there!
I've come to creep! 8D

It was long line, but it was fantastic to have met such good company to make the wait more bearable! I had a great time, and Neil was fantastic.
So glad to have met you. It's rather amusing, as I'm usually inclined to be so social. I guess all that waiting got to me.

Astonishingly I remembered the name of your blog. I guess trying to pronounce it over and over again fused it into my memory, hah.
I'm still not sure how I'd go about saying that...

Anyhow, take care! Have a wonderful Christmas~


Aravind.J said...

Wow! So it was a dream come true :) Great!! :)

jriggity said...

FUN Stuff!


Anonymous said...

Wow, wow, WOW! That's excellent. I had a feeling you would cross paths with him at some point. Getting the box from Coraline was a clue to this happening.

Dang, I need to be better about following your blog- look how late I am to comment on this post!

Ok, well, I'll just take this moment to wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2010 BABEEE! Whoooo :)

Will said...

amazing! have a good new year! x