Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A few Stills

With the replacement lights set up, I can return to filming Henry dealing with his burnt out light. These little things make lighting really fun.
And a still from a scene shot a few days ago; Henry with his music box (potters circling a vase/pot)
Backing up files I found this - my attempt at traditional animation, using a homemade light table then scanning the images in. (Blink and it's over!)


people in gorillasuits said...

emmymme, may I make a wish for christmas ? Is there a version of the picture of Henry in higher resolution so I can scale it for a print in very high quality to palce the motive in my room ? It's so beautiful, so full of mood and such a nice image. While watching I even (slightly) get the feeling that I'm disturbing somehow. It's very impressive. And so beautiful.
And about the drawing test: very well done - I really like the motion and it looks very natural. Very nicely done.
And phew - I'm curious as I-don't- know-what while waiting for your film. It's gonna be SOMETHING and it will be awsome. Just the idea of potters circling a mug in a musical box is so... heartwarming full of love for detail and focus on a whole world that lives and breathes. All your sets and all the stuff there and... I think I need a break right now. All the best. M.

Dan Metalmadcat said...

m_) Nice, Emily!
m_) At first I thought that was a rotoscope.

No one would ever believe me but in the word verification they made me write "s-h-i-t"

m_) that was surprising to me.

Ben Whitehouse said...

That first photo is amazing! Brilliant work


Aravind.J said...

Awesome! Love the picture of Henry with music box! Will you be animating the potters too? Like the way the skin surface picks light from the tiny bulbs.. Looks great! Good to see a traditional animation work :) Nice!!

jriggity said...

the hand looks great!

always nice to see 2d animation.


emmyymme said...

Michael, I'm sorry for taking so long to email you back, will definitely send along the higher rez of the pic! I'd be thrilled for you to have it.
lol Dan - I was always wondering if certain combinations were blocked from that thing!
Thanks Ben - those little lights are so fun to play with.
Aravind - the potters circle the mug when it's wound up - hopefully be able to post it soon.
And Justin - yeah, 2D is so classic! I hope to do a few frames a day on a new project in spare moments.

Yaz said...

I love Henry's music box. Potters circling a vase; wonderful idea. Hand animation in 2d is very impressive!