Tuesday, May 5, 2009


are complete! After much time and effort, I have finished storyboards to work from. Much thanks to Strider/Mike for all his help and encouragement!

It's very tricky to post any without giving away more of the story than I'm ready to, but I'll have a look through in the morning and see if I can pick a few. In the mean time, 2:40 am and the alarm goes off at 7 for work!

All in all the animation is timed out to be 8:55 long (I was aiming for 6-ish minutes) and I'll figure out scene count tomorrow. Progress!!


Darkstrider said...

Ah, Henry begins to come to life!!!! I'm looking forward to meeting him!

people in gorillasuits said...

Giving away story details - who's Henry ;)
But maybe one or two sneak previews ?

Please ?

Mike Letendre said...

So it's all worked out? Sweet!

I just took a look at your celtx project and noticed I have a few more props you might be able to use.

Like the miniature scissors for the bonsai tree, brass ribbed tubing that you could cut to make the coffee tins for the paint brushes, and a homemade saw tool I carved out of wood a few years ago.

I'll send a picture to your email right now.

emmyymme said...

Too cool - three Michael's in a row :)

Thanks Mike(s)! And Mike (L) I'll send you an email - those props would be amazing! I'm having so much fun now that I get to design things again :)

Henry will be introduced over the next few weeks as his world evolves - he's a little shy right now!

Mike Letendre said...

Yep, lotsa creative, intelligent, funny, loving, and cool Mike's.

Just thinking how funny it would've been if Mike Adair posted before you. Four in a row would trip me out... :P

jriggity said...

Wooo hooo!

cant wait to see Henry and the story come together.


bRYEnd_of_the_schtick said...

(^ so far, Henry reminds me of George which makes me both sad and fondly touched tear jerky.

(^ I'm STILL highly amused at the idea that sharing anything before its time is somehow bad for biz.
(^ maybe it's a wine cellar's concept.

emmyymme said...

Brian - it's not just the idea that revealing too much is bad for the biz...
Think of the animation as a story that I want to tell - if I can just write it out ahead of time for everyone, it fulfills my need and ends the project! This keeps it going, because when it lives, it will be as an animated story.

UbaTuber said...

Congrats on your storyboards! I understand not wanting to share too much too early, like tapping a tree for sap, you dont want to run dry before the film is done :)

Edwound Wisent said...

(^ it is true: the needs of the creator are often not in sync with the wants nor desires of the manufacturing grunt laborers.

(^ I guess way back when i first enountered some halfland well founded arguements on the newmedia movement, i became disinterested in hush projects.
they teach far less .

9^ the struggles are valid to open wide is all:

(6 but who am I to say anything?
9^ it's not like I ever plan to become an inde animator or try to get back in to bed with large corperate money making prospects.

(^ I still love the little pieces you let out.

:anywho: back to deciding who will play MINDSET with me again soon.

(^ I had Chris Rogers stop by over the weekend.
that was nice of him.

emmyymme said...

Hey Brian - I'm not keeping it under wraps so it'll be more popular when I release it - it just helps me focus when I have the anticipation of releasing little glimpses into Henry's life here. I'm almost done his canvasses and can't wait to share! I miss our chats - sadly work schedule isn't very cooperative for keeping up with people :/

Anonymous said...

Good to see you finished storyboards, I have been boarding one or two scenes a day and am now up to #8 with two more to go. I can't wait to be done, I don't enjoy drawing as much as sculpting puppets, rigging lights, and animating. I think with the sound nearly completed, this thing will just all kind of fall together where it's supposed to. That's what planning everything does! It's great when it just works, but a lot of timing mistakes can be caught early on in the animatic.

Here's some previz, to kind of give you an idea of what one of the sets will look like.