Sunday, March 1, 2009

Dragon Skin Tests #1 - Slacker

Today was the first day of playing with the Dragon Skin silicone. Pleasantly surprised by the lack of odor, but what a sticky mess! I used eye droppers to dispense, which was still drippy and sticky but far less worse than if I'd tried to just pour it... can't imagine. Getting thin layers to paint between should be interesting.

Pictures to follow - I made a simple plaster mold with 6 channels in it (cut pop bottle in half, fill with plaster, use spoon to make channels). I mixed a batch of Dragon Skin (carefully avoiding all of it's sensitivities, I went with half of a chocolate milk carton, worked like a charm) and used 20ml of parts A and B. Mixed with a popsiscle stick.

I put some Dragon skin in each channel, then mixed in increasing amounts of Slacker, channel 1 being pure DS and 6 being approx. 60% Slacker. Then threw in the oven for 1/2 hour at 150F.

The results so far are very promising! The pure DS is nice and stretchy, but a little tougher than I'd like. The last two continued in the oven for another hour to be sure, but are too sticky and unsolidified to use for animation - as fits with this writeup:

The 20-30% Slacker tests show the most promise, having a nice mix of stretch, compress and solidity. I'll try to fine tune the ratio, and begin tinting tests as well.


Shelley Noble said...

home oven or shop oven?

emmyymme said...

Home oven - middle rack with some tin foil underneath and the fan on.

ivaar said...
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