Thursday, January 1, 2009

and a little bit more....

Mini-cables! This is 14 sts wide by 30 rows on 1.5mm needles and 6 strands embroidery cotton.

After a day of browsing sweater styles I decided Henry's sweater needed a little something extra. I decided on a simple cable stitch after realizing my dreams of grandeur and complicated plans...didn't translate as well. On a larger scale this stitch would be much easier to recognize! So simple it is.
This is a basic cable stitch, for any of the knitters out there:
Rows 1,3,5: K4, P6, K4
Rows 2,4: P4, K6, P4
Row 6: P4, slip 3 onto cable needle, K3, K3 from cable needle, P4

It's a little too big for the scale of the sweater, so I'm going to drop the cable stitching down from 6 sts to 4, and add a 1 st column on either side to switch the sweater back to the good side of the stocking stitch for the rest. There'll be two twists, approx. where suspenders would be. For colour I'm thinking a veriagated brown/grey cotton - should be able to pick some up this weeekend!

On other animated news I am now a cheerful owner of an airbrush (Paasche Millenium) Anyone have favourite compressors? I'm now joining the overwhelmed masses at choosing one just right.


Shelley Noble said...

omagawd, Emmy! That's amazing! How do you do that?! I couldn't knit a cable on human sized needles! whoa.

emmyymme said...

Thanks Ceri! It was my first time trying cables so it was fun - they're really easy!
I should have your halfland creature to mail off this weekend :)

Mike Adair said...

That is totally cool! Great job!

OK, I know you've most likely seen this. I hadn't and ran across it quite by random.

Now if anyone asks if you knit you can say, "Oh, just a little".

emmyymme said...

"Now if anyone asks if you knit you can say, "Oh, just a little"."

Hehe - I love puns :) Speaking of which - I should be sending your
critter off on Monday, Shelley!

Thanks for the link - I'd seen it on the Coraline website - but I'm soo happy to rewatch it again - I hope that's her speed, not just slowed down for the camera, make me feel a little better! I should have a sweater vest to post in a day or two :)

jriggity said...



Anonymous said...

That looks cool! I can't wait to see the puppet that will wear that. Have you been in touch with the tiny needle lady from Coraline?

handmadeheroes said...

wow emmy.....very cool stuff and super congrats on the signing the contract....NICE!