Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Some props for the upcoming set - these will hang on a wall with 2 threads suspending them from each other.
They were also the first experiment with casting with a 2 part plastic resin (have to double-check the exact name of it). Worked well overall, and great to cast with, sandable and drillable once cured (which occurs incredibly quickly). However - the paint refuses to cure. I probably should've primed the faces first, but as they won't be touched on set it *should* be okay (famous last words). I might start posting some storyboards as I go, but don't want to give away too much story!!

Merry Christmas and/or Happy Holidays, may you enjoy yourself! I've got a dog who fell asleep curled up with a tennis ball on the couch and a cat below on the floor playing with the now-dropped tennis ball - so things are good :)


Michael LeTendre said...

Neat masks!
So is this old artist a jack of all trades? I thought he was just a painter...but this reveals a little more about him. I would love to create a stopmo set for an artist! Could make the art studio I always wanted!

I hope the mini frames get to you safely! I also threw in another little painter's prop...think about my last animation and you might know what i'm talking about. :)
Merry Christmas!

emmyymme said...

Thanks Michael :)
Can't wait to see the package...

It's going to be fun building an artists studio, but this guy's awful at finishing things like I am, so it'll probably look more like my future studio than my ideal one lol

Don said...
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Don said...


From our conversation, I kind of pictured something like those masks in the film. It will be interesting to see how many other things turn out the way I thought of them. I wonder, if you used the right words to describe something, would it be possible to create something exactly based on those words? Think of it like a police sketch- if a suspect's description can be used to sketch a fairly close approximation of what he or she looks like, then I would imagine the same could be done with the description of a set :)

As far as the studio- may I suggest forced perspective? I think it would look really cool if you went extra big and used a super wide angle lens to crunch it all together in the background. Some blue lighting for mood would be cool. Maybe a ricketty ladder against the wall and dusty workbench off to one side :D

(did you show me drawings of the set? I could almost swear I've seen it already).