Monday, November 17, 2008


Winter is official, evidenced by the deer standing 6 feet away from me on the other side of the window, eating all of the bird seed out of our feeder. As long as I stay still, she doesn't seem to care that I'm here.
The downside to this (aside from -40C weather, blizzards and trudging through piles of snow) is that foam latex is now much much harder to procure! Having finally decided to take the plunge... well, putting the toe in the water at least, going for the 2 part no-bake to start with - I now find it's much more difficult in winter (due to that lovely below 0C weather). Hopefully the newest company I've emailed will have some good shipping news!

Storyboards are now about 60% done and going well. Much more work than I'd anticipated, but I know how much it's going to help to already have a feel for my camera setup of each shot before I started filming. In the meantime I've been researching the SMA forums for ways to animate the face -I can spend hours re-reading old threads there, very addictive! Hopefully late this week I'll be able to start testing and posting attempts. Can't wait to post photo's again!


Michael LeTendre said...

Just started snowing here in eastern Wisconsin yesterday...Winter is here!

I can't even imagine living in Canada where it can reach 40 below. I'd NEVER leave my home! I don't think God intended for us to shovel snow and freeze our butts off...just seems too cruel!

Good luck with getting that latex shipped. There has to be somewhere that provides heat packs in the shipping box. Wouldn't hurt to ask. I know they do that when i've got livestock (a chameleon, fish, crickets) shipped to me in the winter time. Not sure about latex though...

Congratulations on the storyboards! Can I see a couple of panels?

emmyymme said...

Heh yah - living on the praries (where windchill is everything) is cruel sometimes! At least a few times every winter you can turn on the weather channel and see 'exposed skin will freeze in a few minutes' before going outside.

I'll post a couple of panels soon - they're horribly undeveloped but give a sense of the framing at least.

jriggity said...

best thing about winter for me is a good reason to stay in and do art......otherwise

....I cant to anything inside during the sunny days!

way too distracted...

cool beans on the latext jump....its a big help compared to clay...

and who cares if you story images are scratchy....they are just quick thought on paper.


Jet said...

Good luck to your foam latex. I know it will take a lot practice. I have tried many times and finally I found a portable electrical scale is very important. It is better to get foam latex from States. In Toronto they sell 1 gallon kits for more than 300 CND, but in American just 80$.

Aravind.J said...

U should be enjoying the cool winter and fun making the animation work. It's cold here too in India but doesn't snow :( wish i had this cool chilly winter here too :) Can you post some pics of the outdoors?
Looking forward for more pics on you work in progress.